Parenting 101 :p

Setelah liat2 kesana kemari, dengerin cerita orang2, nonton acara2 TV serta berita, sepertinya bisa disimpulkan..

Bahwasanya yang dibutuhkan oleh (calon) anak2 kita (kelak) hanyalah panutan yang baik dan nyata: orang tuanya.

Katanya gak ada orang tua yang sempurna. Tapi meskipun begitu, tetep aja para ortu harus belajar setiap saat utk menjadi lebih baik…

Sebagaimana ortu menginginkan anak2nya soleh dan solehah, anak2nya pun sebenernya menginginkan hal yg sama (okehsip).

Mungkin itu juga yang dibutuhkan negara ini kali ya (eaakk). Di samping mikirin urusan yang besar2, cobalah benerin yang terdekat dulu. Dari keluarga sendiri misalnya. Ngutip Aa Gym (kalo gak salah), “Mulailah kebaikan dari diri sendiri, dari yg terkecil, dan dari yang terdekat.”

Hahaha menjadi ortu rupanya tidak mudah. Dan gak ada tamat2nya selama hayat dikandung badan 🙂




Some People are like Trees :p

“Some people are meant to come into your life for a lifetime, some for only a season and you got to know which is which. And you’re always messing up when you mix those seasonal people up with lifetime expectations.

I put everybody that comes into my life in the category of a tree. Some people are like leaves on a tree. When the wind blows, they’re over there… wind blow that way they over here… they’re unstable. When the seasons change they wither and die, they’re gone. That’s alright. Most people are like that, they’re not there to do anything but take from the tree and give shade every now and then. That’s all they can do. But don’t get mad at people like that, that’s who they are. That’s all they were put on this earth to be. A leaf.

Some people are like a branch on that tree. You have to be careful with those branches too, cause they’ll fool you. They’ll make you think they’re a good friend and they’re real strong but the minute you step out there on them, they’ll break and leave you high and dry.

But if you find 2 or 3 people in your life that’s like the roots at the bottom of that tree you are blessed. Those are the kind of people that aren’t going nowhere. They aren’t worried about being seen, nobody has to know that they know you, they don’t have to know what they’re doing for you but if those roots weren’t there, that tree couldn’t live.

A tree could have a hundred million branches but it only takes a few roots down at the bottom to make sure that tree gets everything it needs. When you get some roots, hold on to them but the rest of it… just let it go. Let folks go.”

-Madea Goes to Jail


“The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”  –Lost in Translation (2003)

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“Justice is blind… sometimes a little bit sneaky.” – Jacob Thorne (Law & Order UK s03e08)

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The Power of Small Moments |

Whatever you are today is largely due to the words and actions of other people. Most of those moments were, at the time, small and seemingly inconsequential. Only when you look back can you connect the dots.

That also means you never know when your words or actions might make an impact on someone else. A little encouragement, a little acceptance, a little praise…small actions that are insignificant to you but possibly life changing for another person.

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Kids These Days

Parents nowadays tell their kids to stand up for themselves and not to listen to anyone. Thus the kids block themselves from the words of wisdom because they are told from an early age not to listen to anyone.

School kids won’t even listen to their teachers. Parents won’t even give their kids advice on how to be a good citizen. They won’t bother to raise their kids to be respectable people in society. They have given up their parental role to the media, TV stations and radio stations.



Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.

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