“Happiness Happens When No One Expects It”

Love is a mangled, tangled, upside-down version of everything wrong with the world.
It’s a multicolored poster hanging on some white wall where all the bad things go.
No one can see it in a knowing sense, but we all know we want it in the present tense.

Love is a nice kid from a mean street.
It’s a supervillain sunset with the hint of a good streak.
A child on their first bike knows exactly what it feels like.
An old twig that sold its soul to the leaves doesn’t.

Love is a good thing on a bad day, when the last thing you want is to be cheered up.
But who am I kidding?… we all need cheering up once in a while when we wake up
and the good Earth won’t smile.

Poems are under Copyright, Chad Sugg Publishing. 2009


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