Stockholm Syndrome: Cinta Emang Gak Paham Sikon :))

Pertama kalinya saya tau Stockholm Syndrome ini pas dengar albumnya Blink 182 pas SMA dulu. Tapi saya gak pernah tau apa sebenarnya Stockholm Syndrome. Sampe akhirnya beberapa waktu lalu sebelum TA mendera dan menyiksa, saya iseng googling nyari tau apa itu Stockholm Syndrome.

Wakaka hasilnya mengejutkan.

Sindrom Stockholm adalah respon psikologi yang kadang-kadang dapat dilihat pada sandera penculikan, di mana sandera memberikan tanda-tanda kesetiaan kepada penyandera, tidak memedulikan bahaya (atau risiko) yang telah dialami sandera itu.

Sindrom ini dinamai berdasarkan kejadian perampokan Kreditbanken di Stockholm, di mana perampok bank menyandera karyawan bank dari 23 Agustus sampai 28 Agustus pada 1973. Dalam kasus ini, korban menjadi secara emosional menyayangi penyandera, bahkan membela mereka. Istilah sindrom Stockholm pertama kali dicetuskan kriminolog dan psikiater Nils Bejerot, yang membantu polisi saat perampokan.” (wikipedia)

“On August 23, 1973, Jan Erik Olsson, on leave from prison, walked into Kreditbanken (now part of Nordea) at Norrmalmstorg, centralStockholm and attempted to hold up the bank.[1] Swedish police were called in immediately, two of them went inside, and Olsson opened fire, injuring one policeman. The other was ordered to sit in a chair and “sing something”. He started singing “Lonesome Cowboy”. Olsson then took four people as hostages. He demanded his friend Clark Olofsson to be brought there, along with 3 million Swedish Kronor ($730,000 US 1973 value),[1] two guns, bullet-proof vests, helmets and a fast car. Olofsson was a repeat offender who had committed several armed robberies and acts of violence, the first committed at the age of 16.


The four hostages in the Kreditbanken robbery sympathized with their captor (not in the picture, the man to the right is Olofsson).

Olofsson was brought in by permission of the government and established a communication link with the police negotiators. One of the hostages, Kristin Enmark, said she felt safe with Olsson and Olofsson but feared the police might escalate the situation by using violent methods. Olsson and Olofsson barricaded the inner main vault in which they kept the hostages. Negotiators agreed that they could have a car to escape, but would not allow them to take hostages with them if they tried to leave.

Olsson called up the Prime Minister Olof Palme and said he would kill the hostages, backing up his threat by grabbing one in a stranglehold; she was heard screaming as he hung up. The next day Olof Palme received another call. This time it was Kristin Enmark who said she was very displeased with his attitude, asking him to let the robbers and the hostages leave.

Olofsson walked around in the vault singing Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly“.

The drama went on. On August 26, the police drilled a hole into the main vault from the apartment above. From this hole, a widely circulated picture of the hostages with Olofsson was taken. Olofsson also fired his weapon into this hole on two occasions, and during the latter attempt he wounded a police officer in the hand and face.

Olsson fired his weapon and threatened to kill the hostages if any gas attack was attempted. On August 28 the gas was used anyway, and after half an hour Olsson and Olofsson surrendered. No permanent damage was done to the hostages.” (wikipedia lagi)

Hmm. Kok bisa ya? Hahaha.

Nah ternyata, belakangan ini ada lagi kasus-kasus seperti itu. Stockholm Syndrome jadi semacam trend gitu dalam kasus penculikan, pemerkosaan, dan kekerasan. Natascha Kampusch yang disekap oleh Wolfgang Prikopil selama 3096 hari, kurang lebih 8 tahun, dari tanhun 1998 sampe tahun 2006, juga diduga mengidap Stockholm Syndrome ini walaupun dia bilang tidak sama sekali. Soalnya gini:

“In her official statement she said “I don’t want and will not answer any questions about personal or intimate details”.[27]

In the documentary, “Natascha Kampusch: 3096 days in captivity”, Kampusch sympathized[citation needed] with her captor. She said “I feel more and more sorry for him – he’s a poor soul”, in spite of having been held captive for eight years by him,[28] and according to police she “cried inconsolably” when she was told he was dead,[29] and lit a candle for him at the morgue.[30] She has, however, referred to her captor as a “criminal”.[31]

There is also speculation that Kampusch may have Stockholm syndrome as a result of her ordeal.[32][33] She said “my youth was very different. But I was also spared a lot of things – I did not start smoking or drinking and I did not hang out in bad company”.[34]

gambar dari Google

Natascha Kampusch (before and after) and Wolfgang Priklopil.

In her book “3096 Tage” (3,096 Days) published in September 2010, Kampusch denies she has “Stockholm Syndrome.” She suggests that people who use this term about her are glibly disrespectful of her right to describe and analyse for herself the complex relationship she was forced to have with her kidnapper. In her autobiographical work she does not shy away from describing the ruthlessness and hideous cruelty Priklopil exposed her to, describing in detail the hideous physical and psychological abuse he exposed her to. But at the same time Kampusch is able to discuss the occasions where he gave her gifts, and to see him as a weak and pitiful creature, and not simply a monster. In 3096 days she repeatedly expresses her world view that there are many shades of grey in life, nothing (in her opinion) is all black or all white.” (wikipedia)

Selain kasus di atas, masih banyak lagi kasus lainnya. Wiiih gak ngerti juga. Tapi ngomong-ngomong sadis yet romantis gitu ya hahaha. Kayaknya oke ni buat jadi ide cerita xixixi.


All pictures hasil googling dan nyomot dari wikipedia.


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