Oh, Realita

Pagi ini sebenarnya indah,

tapi meluncur ke tempatmu menghancurkan semuanya

aku mencari apa yang kuharapkan

aku berharap menemukan apa yang aku inginkan

dan ia tak ada


Sejenak aku lupakan,

sambil berpura-pura riang,

namun dalam kesendirian kembali terbayang


Kenyataan, mengapa hari ini engkau lebih pahit dari secangkir kopi hitam tanpa gula?


Kau hempaskan aku,

dan ini bukan pertama kalinya

Lalu kau paksa aku menyembah hawa nafsu dan sempat mempertanyakan keadilan Tuhan

Kemudian kau layangkan pikiranku pada masa satu setengah tahun silam

Kau hadapkan lagi aku dengan kenyataan yang tak jauh berbeda seperti hari ini


Kenyataan, mengapa hari ini kau musuhi aku?


Percayalah, aku tak pernah sekalipun menyepelekan nol koma nol satu

Percayalah, aku selalu berusaha berdamai denganmu

Percayalah, aku tak pernah berbohong demi menutupimu

Percayalah, kali ini aku main dengan bersih tanpa dopping dari manapun


Tapi tetap saja kau pukuli aku.

Bandung, 11 Januari 2011


Dear Reality

My morning should be beautiful,

But running to your place ruin every single thing

I was looking for my wish

I was hoping to find what I really want

But it was just nothing


For a moment

I tried to forget this disappointment

I pretended to be happy

But it came again when the loneliness kiss me

Flying around my mind


Dear Reality, what makes you bitter than a cup of coffee without sugar?


You hit me!

and it was not the first time you did this

You made me worship my ego and question my God

Then you brought me to the one and half years ago situation

You forced me to face that situation which I really hate,


Dear Reality, why did you treat me as an enemy today?



believe me, I’ve never even underestimated ‘zero point zero one’ thing

believe me, I’ve tried so hard to be good to you

believe me, I’ve never lied to cover you up

believe me, right now I really played fairly without any dopping from anywhere, whatever


But still, you hit me anyway.

Bandung, January 13, 2011

30 thoughts on “Oh, Realita

    • Whoa.. Thank you! How can you say this one is beautiful if you dont understand what I wrote above? You have a good instinct, right? LOL 😀

      Well, you can try to translate my poem using google translate. I speak “Indonesian”. If I had more time later, I’ll translate this one to English!

      Thank you for visiting my blog 😀

      • Aha! Now it is in english.
        Still beautiful!
        The grammer is a little off, and because it is
        poetry, who can say if it is intentional?
        If it lends another layer to the wisdom here.
        I wish I could hear the original instead of trying to
        speak it without knowing the proper pronunciation or
        accent. You should record yourself.

      • Also, when I write in spanish and people ask me to translate, so much gets lost. I can’t even image all of the meanings and associations, cultural understandings that elude so many

  1. I wish I knew how to google that translation, but it really does look beautiful, even without understanding what it means. : )

    • Aawww thank you (again)! I’ve never felt so happy like this before LOL.
      Actually, this poem is saying about how the reality hits me, brings me down, again and again 🙂

  2. Reality neither loves nor hates but educates and makes me think that I want to recreate it.
    I like this for like reality it forced me to blink and rethink.
    I will subscribe

  3. Well I’m so happy that you translated it to English because I enjoyed reading it very much. Why does reality have to show up sometimes at the most inoppertune times? 🙂

    You did a wonderful job–thanks for sharing your heart today.

  4. Allow me to quote a line from a song I heard once:

    ‘Reality is a bitch/ and I heard that she bites’.

    I pray you pardon the vulgarity.

    I really love the poem. I’ve noticed a few people take issue with the grammar; regardless of that I think it still packs a punch. Probably because I relate to it, especially:

    “You made me worship my ego and question my God..”

    Beautiful poem.

    yours sincerely,
    Philharmonic poet.

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