Currently Listening to..

I’ll Try Anything Once (The demo version of You Only Live Once)

Errrr.. keren abissss!

There is a time when we all fail,
some people take it pretty well,
some take it all out on themselves,
some they just take it out on friends,
oh everybody plays the game,
and if you don’t you’re called insane..”

#Clear Skies

“Knowing you
You wait for clear skies
To tell us how changes come about
With the sunlight
So we’ll count every drop that falls
While you throw us some old line
This will pass..”

Awww.. Katanya di sini sih,

“The drummer, Fabrizio Moretti, wrote the song for his girlfriend, Drew Barrymore. The song was supposed to be used for one of the movie that Drew was doing, but it didn’t make it.”

Bahagianya Drew Barrymore yaaa ๐Ÿ™‚


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